4 Important Goals To Be A Better Church Creative

1. Stop Blaming Your Lack of Resources

We all know the struggle. It’s difficult when you don’t have enough time, people, or money to pull off your ideas for your latest project. We have to be careful with this, though. Part of being creative is figuring out how to make great things despite your shortage of resources. Don’t let your lack determine your ability to create; take inventory of the tools God’s given you and make it happen!

2. Build A Creative Team Around You

Creativity is best in numbers. I spent a long time trying to do everything for my church alone. I would design every graphic, make every video, and plan every event. It wasn’t until a few years later that I truly began to understand that not only would it be a lot less stressful to get others involved, my product would be much better. Loosen the reins a little and allow others to join in on the creativity.

3. Serve Your Leaders Wholeheartedly

Following the direction of others doesn’t come easy for creatives. We’re already overflowing with a million of our own ideas, so having to create within the parameters of someone else’s vision can be tough. Remember that honoring your leaders is important to your faith. Have open ears and an open mind to hear their ideas and help bring them to life with your creativity. Your willingness to serve will often determine how much creative freedom you’re given in an organization.

4. Spend Less Time Dreaming And More Time Doing

When I first started serving in ministry, there was a man in our congregation that would come up to me nearly every Sunday with an idea of how we could make things better. Some of his ideas were pretty good, but this guy never wanted to get involved to actually make these ideas happen. Like a lot of creatives, he was trapped in dreamland. I’ve learned that you may have a ton of great ideas, but if you never put your hand to the plow and make them happen, you’ll never accomplish anything.

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